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Dream Fabric Frame Event is coming March 17 & 18. Join Kim Montenere as she leads you through all the possibilities you can create with this amazing system.

Seating is limited so call and get details today.


Congratulations to Sheryl Winschel!  She was awarded a lifetime membership in the River Heritage Quilt Guild.  Sheryl has been a longtime supporter of the Guild through her shop, The Golden Needle.  The RHQG greatly appreciates Sheryl's support and welcomes her to our guild.


Classes must be paid as you sign up.  If you call in to sign up, a credit card payment will be accepted.   If you come in to The Golden Needle, a credit card or check is accepted.  We appreciate your cooperation so classes can be scheduled and instructors can plan for the class size.

Welcome to The Golden Needle!

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Check back here often for new, exciting deals and updates on our fun classes! Remeber to check our monthly calendar for information on our classes.  Some meet at different times, while some may be full.  Remember to sign up ahead of time so we know which class you will be attending!  If you'd like to know more about any of our events or classes, click the respective link on the monthly calendar.

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Don't forget The Golden Needle when you need last minute gift ideas.  Gift cards also make excellent choices for those hard to find gifts.

Check the calendar for up-coming classes and events.  Don't let something you've been waiting for get by you.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our Calendar.  We have tons of exciting classes coming up!

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In February, we will be having a sale on trade in models, unclaimed items, closeout models and much more.  Check in and see what bargains you can get. Sale ends Saturday, February 11.